Settling in online?

lightstock_169190_medium_chris_.jpgAfter our first week of classes we are settling in quite well to life in Melbourne.

It’s been much cooler here than in Sydney. I’ve noticed the almost constant feed of comments about the overwhelming heat being experienced by our northern homeland. It’s been an interesting experience to see the world of my past life online and to feel separate and distanced. We know all the places that people are speaking about and yet they feel so far away.

It’s not really been hot at all in Melbourne and it’s been quite a strange feeling to be living in a different location to many from our Facebook community. It made me think how much more it will feel strange to be removed by time, space, language and customs once we are on location (wherever that me be). We’ll have to think about how we engage in the social media world in a way that ensures we don’t live with our bodies and vocations in one place and our minds and hearts in another.

Any one got any tips or go to resources… let me know?

— Chris